Monthly Archives: December 2016

Take the Opportunity!

The best way forward with your exercise is to have a structured plan for the week with your exercise slots all scheduled – right? Well yes…and no.  Ok mostly yes – if you don’t have some sort of plan we all know what can happen.  You start the week with all the best intentions of fitting in at least oooh let’s say three dedicated hours of exercise at some point (“I’m definitely going to get to two exercise classes and do that 5 mile walk/jogging route from our house”) but by the end of the week all those other things that happen in life have just sort of got in the way….

So yes definitely plan ahead and have slots for exercise (the sort that really works for you) that you stick to every week and don’t let slip.  But that doesn’t mean that those planned sessions are the be all and end all.  I’d go as far as to say that some of the best, most useful, most fun times of exercise are the extra ones. The unplanned and different opportunities that pop up in our schedules, sometimes unexpectedly.  The friend who calls to see if you fancy a long Sunday afternoon walk, the new class that’s just starting at the gym and you’re persuaded in to give it a go, the 5-a-side footy/netball team that’s short of a player and you get the call, or the cancelled appointment that gives you the chance to get to the swimming pool for the first time in ages.

You’re definitely a winner in these situations because it’s all a bonus.  You might be challenged physically in a new way and your body will like you for it.  You know you’re doing ‘more’ than you thought you’d do that week which feels great too. And if you’re trying to reach a weight loss or fitness goal then all the extra stuff really adds towards your success.

So when the opportunity arises – take it!